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2021 Annual Partners in Progress Sale

March 29, 2021 at 1:00 pm
At the Ranch in Sweetwater, OK

Selling 60+ Registered Red Angus Bulls
25+ Registered Females and 150 Commercial Yearling Heifers.

All bulls have been developed at the ranch and will sell semen tested and guaranteed. Ultrasound and performance data along with current EPDs will be available.

For a catalog please call or text Randy at (580) 729-9036 or you can email us at mcentirec@yahoo.com.




Welcome to McEntire Red Angus. We are a family-owned operation that began in 2005 when we sold every cow he had to purchase some commerial Red Angus cattle from Mark Pieper. We bought 45 bred heifers sight unseen. We have had such great success with the heifers that when Pieper's Red Angus Fall Production Sale rolled around we went to Hay Springs to purchase 40 more commercial heifers and 6 registered head. From those 6 head our registered herd has grown to be over 200 head. We take great pride in producing good quality sound cattle. We invite you to look around the site and come by to see the cattle any time.

Randy, Crystal, Chloe Sue & Rance McEntire
Eugene & Pam McEntire

Be sure to visit the Sale Page for all the information on our 2021 Sale!

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